BioEdge Fishing Products was established in 2007. It is taking into full commercial scale the production and marketing of powerful Fish attracting Scents Potions and Wands in North America. The products, when added to baits or lures, impart a strong, all natural scent and taste which attracts fish, masks unwanted scents, stimulate fish to strike and encourage fish to hold onto the hook and thereby increasing anglers catches.


BioEdge Potions and Wands have been field tested very successfully over more than four years and are developing an enthusiastic following in both saltwater and freshwater markets. These products are unique in being all natural and made from a variety of popular baits, containing oils, pheromones, amino acids and a number of feeding stimulants. BioEdge Potions are a concentrated oil, sold in 2oz squirt bottles, The BioEdge Wand is the same concentrated oil with a solidifying agent added so it can be applied like a glue stick even onto non-absorbent surfaces. This novel, non-messy application has been particularly popular in the freshwater market.


The company plans to develop its already significant sales on the internet through its website and its sales through fishing tackle distributors and retailers.


The company plans to continue to develop the range of scents and is becoming a nationally recognized brand for both fresh and salt water fishing.

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