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Tips for Using BioEdge Wands and Potions

BioEdge Potions and Wands are highly effective fish attractants made with real bait containing oils, enzymes, pheromones and other proven fish attracting ingredients. There are no other products like these anywhere at any price.

Below are tips for using BioEdge attractants.


BioEdge Wands work on any type of fly, plug, spoon, popper, soft plastic lure, jig and the list goes on! One small swipe along your favorite lure and it will leave a trail of long lasting real bait scent. It truly is that simple. Because it lasts, it is the perfect attractant to use while trolling too.


Soft Plastics

One of the most effective ways to use our potions is to place a few soft plastic baits (Slug-Go, jigs, grub tails, rubber worms, Tsunami lures etc..) in a Ziploc bag with enough BioEdge Potion to coat the lures. This way you do not waste the potion and your lures have time to absorb the scent. It is especially effective when used with baits on a tree rig or umbrella rig.

When you are ready to fish, the lures are ready for you.

Jigs with hair

The bucktail jig and the parachute jig are lures found in almost every saltwater tackle box due to their time-tested success. Modifications, such as the addition of twister tails and pork rind, have improved the fish catching ability of these lures. However, BioEdge scents take these lures to the next level. Just like soft plastic lures, these jigs can be soaked in a Ziploc bag with BioEdge Potion. The hair tends to absorb the Potion and therefore the jig can be cast several times (often for an hour or more) without recharging it with more Potion.

When it is time to recharge the jig you can add a few drops of Potion from the bottle or simply exchange the jig for another that is already in your Potion bag. You can keep swapping them out!

Please be aware: Our naturally colored scents may discolor your jigs.

Plugs & other hard artificials

BioEdge Potions can be applied directly to your lures whether they are swimming plugs, poppers, spoons, spinners or anything else. Just a few drops rubbed over the lure’s surface gives it the smell of real food while masking the smell of metal, plastic and human hands. It is often the difference between a close follow and a hook-up. For a longer lasting coating on hard baits use BioEdge Wands.

The Tube and Worm Rig

The tube and worm rig has become one of the favored lures aboard many charter and recreational boats in the last few years. The rig is usually tipped with a piece of sandworm for a natural scent and added action. However, an artificial worm may be used to tip the rig as long as you use a scent that lets the fish know that this is a real worm. BioEdge sandworm and bloodworm Potions are perfect for this application.

To set this up add a small piece of cloth or pipecleaner to the hook end of the tube to act as a wick. Place a few drops of the potion inside the tube. If your tube does not have a bubble hole, you can simply add it to the hook end. The wick will slowly let out the potion leaving an intense scent trail giving fish the impression of real food.

You can use it along with real worms to give it extra scent to help hold fish in an area!

Which is right for me, potions or wands?

Potions provide an intense charge of smell, attracting fish into an area and holding them there, much like a chum slick. Most lures require only one or two drops per application. The potions are more concentrated and, due to the size of the bottle, tend to last longer into the fishing season.
Wands have the same active ingredients but a slower scent release mechanism. The wands adhere very well to most types of lures and flies and therefore last much longer.

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